B2B Power Hour

Once upon a time...

...a brand strategist and an enterprise seller got into a fight. Admittedly it wasn't much of a spectacle. The venue? Zoom. The audience? None. The fighters? Out of shape.

The enterprise seller, Nick, was frustrated about marketing's budget. There was a lot of internal hubbub about how great their campaigns were, but it seemed to cost a lot of money for scarce results. Weren't they just blowing cash?

The brand strategist, Morgan, was confused about sales tactics. Why did sellers continue to use the worst tricks in the book? They kept interrupting prospects, bothering them into submission, and not creating a brand-worthy experience.

The fight went the full 12 rounds.

Each landed some good points: sellers do use tactics best suited for 2003, not 2023. Marketers do over-optimize for emails, not good clients. Noise doesn't close deals. Poor prospect experiences prevent them.

But surprisingly? Instead of ending with a KO, each agreed to keep discussing and keep discovering what really worked in B2B.

Soon enough... the B2B Power Hour was born.

We've been proud to build this show in public.

When we started this, it was a fun weekly live show to share what we were learning. A space to connect with others in B2B marketing + sales. An opportunity to share new ideas we thought would work.

Today the show is a bit bigger than just a weekly live show. We've got an expansive archive of 180+ episodes (and growing) focused on helping you get, keep, and crow customers – and even a special membership we call the One Up Club.

The beating ❤️ of this project has always been experimentation. It's what brought about our social selling guides, our "how-to" episodes, and our best conversations. We want to learn what actually works in 2023 and share it with you.

We've also added new voices to the show: our Team of Ten. These are sellers and sales leaders who are in the trenches every week, helping people succeed in this sales environment.

About this Library

Our goal is to get you plugged in to a great deal of wisdom that usually hides in people's brains or long-forgotten posts on LinkedIn. Uncover what works and why on the 180+ episodes of the podcast  

And Join the One Up Club when you're tired of trial and error - and ready to learn simply what works.

We're excited you're here. Poke around, listen to something, and let us know how we can help you.

Your Team of Ten.

Morgan Smith

Nicholas Thickett

Riley Blaisdell

Sarah Filipiak

Caspian Lewke

Melissa Gaglione

Saad Khan

Stephanie Benavidez



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