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No more basic, bland advice.

We know you scroll LinkedIn and most of it is not that great. We see it too 😅 Lots of fluff, little relevance to your day-to-day, and probably offered by someone who hasn't sold since COVID.

We also know that your enablement library will teach you a lot about the product you need to sell, but not a lot about how to actually reach your prospects. And the stuff that's in there gets updated once a year.

You've got quota to hit – and the stuff that worked 5 years ago doesn't cut it anymore.

Tired of trial and error?

Sure, everyone's cold call opener could use some practice.

But most of the time, sellers reinvent the wheel in their own role. When you're not offered a playbook, a guide, or even basic structure (besides that list of accounts) – we don't blame you for experimenting. It's kinda how the industry works right now.

We want to change that. That's why we've launched The 1Up Club. To help sellers power up their prospecting with power plays, special briefings, and even DIY enablement docs.

It's 2023. No one should suffer in silence.

What's Inside

  • Live real-time workrooms (think: let's rewrite that email together)
  • In-depth power play guides on specific outbound prospecting
  • Special 1Ups to power up your prospecting approach
  • The industry's most comprehensive playbook on using LinkedIn to sell
  • DIY enablement plays, tactics, and tool

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