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Join the One Up Club

Join the One Up Club

We serve the seller who's done with the hustle. The One Up Club is a membership for sellers who want to power up their sales game.

You shouldn't need to destroy your mental or physical health to succeed in sales.

It’s time to carve out a different path than the one modeled for us by toxic sales culture. We shouldn’t need to live in constant fear of messing up, missing quota, or being unable to pay bills unless we hustle and burn ourselves out. We achieve success on our own terms.

Buying has changed, but selling hasn't. It's time to catch up.

The digital world has permanently altered the way we buy. But many sales organizations pretend it’s still 2009 and we’re just one automation sequence away from reaching that VP. The truth is the world is noisy, buyers are overwhelmed by choice, and sellers are caught in the trap of just doing “more” without much to show for it. We throw out the old playbook and meet buyers where they’re at.

Technology enables lazy behavior. If you can't sell without automation, you'll fail anyway.

The pressure to scale is undeniable. Ambitious revenue targets lead to quotas that feel unattainable – at least without automation. Too many sellers miss that technology only augments their existing insight and skill. We nail the basics first before we use technology to scale.

There is no silver bullet tactic. Great sellers use insight and intuition, not a fixed playbook.

Sales is a tacit skill. It uses intuition, emotional intelligence, and a lot of practice to build pattern recognition. Scripts are great starting points and frameworks are useful for constantly refining an approach. But a fixed playbook is not the end-point of our learning process. We search for better thinking and strategy instead of diet-pill tactics.

Pipeline solves all problems. Treat your career like a business and you'll thrive.

There are a great number of skills beyond just sales skills that make sellers great. Skills like finance, research, creativity, and improvisation. Practicing like a business owner means stepping outside of the traditional constraints of the role and experimenting with something bigger. We act like franchise owners to master skills that will serve us our entire career.

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