Sending the same canned outreach message shoved into a prospects inbox isn't going to get the response you're hoping for. Attaching video to your message needs to be more than just a commodity to your outreach.

Prospecting with a planned and prepared video can be the difference between a difficult prospect engaging with your outreach, and sending you to spam.

In this episode of the B2B Power Hour, Morgan dives into the preparation that goes into video prospecting with the queen of video prospecting and account executive at Deel, Melissa Gaglione. Listen in as we discuss:

  • How utilizing prepared and thoughtful video in your prospecting can change your results drastically by building stronger rapport, trust, and connection while also driving a higher response rate with your sales pipeline.
  • Why sellers who approach video prospecting with foresight, rather than just throwing something together and hoping it sticks, have greater success and build quicker and stronger relationships with their prospects through maximizing their prospects time.
  • How approaching video prospecting from a story-based angle, intent on teaching or exploring rather than pitching will build value in you and validate you as an expert of your product for your prospects
  • Why sellers need to cater their outreach to their prospect's preferred outreach platform to truly count themselves as prospecting and get in front of their pipeline, whether that is LinkedIn, email, or even recommending a video call.

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