With skittish potential clients and new outbound tools right on the B2B sales horizon, cold calling can feel dated and unnecessary.

Some companies are planning on calling it quits on cold calling altogether. But what if your sales team just doesn’t have the understanding of how to modernize their calls to consumers in 2023?

In this episode of the B2B Power Hour, Morgan dives into what drives the perfect cold call with outbound sales extraordinaire and sales leader at Vendr, Saad Khan. From selling in the trenches to rising as a sales leader, Saad brings a unique, organized understanding of what makes a good cold call great, and what transforms a great pipeline to a top-performing pipeline.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The seven-step framework to understanding your consumer and customizing your call to match their persona
  • Accountability for BDR’s, as well as providing them with the tools they need to have authentic, interesting conversations with potential customers.
  • Synchronizing sales, marketing, and other departments involved with your potential clients  
  • Breakdowns in communication, score cards, and other processes that may be neglected when they’re not being maintained

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