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How can you break into an account in 60 days or less — without peppering people with DMs or hitting them with endless emails? The answer is nurturing on LinkedIn… the right way.

And no, this doesn’t mean asking for a meeting in the first comment or message. The secret is this: You want prospects to start paying attention to you before you ever reach out.

On this episode of B2B Power Hour, we talk about why you should forget about tactics and focus on the research, what hints you can look for to gauge who’s interested, and how you can create content that gets buyer attention.

Content can be a salesperson’s best friend. You don’t have to post multiple times a day like the traditional content marketing influencer on LinkedIn, either. First, figure out what questions are top of mind for your buyers, and create unique content that answers those questions.

Next, you need to start paying attention to who’s liking, commenting, and, most importantly, viewing your profile. These actions show interest and serve as a subtle nudge for you to start thinking about your first outreach.

But don’t go asking for meetings right away. Think about how you naturally communicate. Find a common interest, send them an article they might like to read, or craft a personalized video message showing appreciation for something they posted.

A little prep and personalization go a long way. Focus on building a relationship first — the right meetings will follow. When nurturing on LinkedIn is done properly, it’s sure to accelerate the sales cycle.

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Top takeaways from this week’s conversation

🔬Research is more important than tactics.

Too often, sellers don’t put the time into research that it deserves. They go straight to firing off a DM or sending a cold email. They might also start commenting on posts from prospects hoping to get some attention.

There is a time and place for these tactics. But the research is where you win.

Find the six to 10 people who are part of the buying committee. Think about what questions they have, what types of pain they’re experiencing, what they’re responsible for, and how you can get them to start talking about you in internal meetings.

✋Create content around buyer questions.

Once you’ve done the research, it’s time to send a DM, right? Nope.

Now is the time for you to create content that answers the questions you discovered in your research. It doesn’t have to be daily, but you should work toward creating a regular cadence of content that will start getting you some attention.

Content can be a shared blog post with some well-thought-out copy. You could tell a story, share a video, post a picture or graphic — anything that brings a little personality and helps your prospects.

Avoid simply resharing company posts. These really don’t give buyers any intrigue as to why they should pay attention. You can do that in your own authentic content.

🤝Look for signs that it’s time to reach out.

Pay attention to profile views, especially if they happen quickly after you post some sort of content. Even better, look for multiple views from the same person — that’s a clear sign of interest.

And even then, do not start selling in the DMs. Instead:

  • Check out their profile.
  • See what their interests and passions are.
  • Like some of their posts.
  • Comment on their content.

If you’re going to DM, think of how you would naturally converse. Send them a blog post or podcast you think they’d find helpful. Or send a video message introducing yourself and sharing appreciation for something they posted.

The formula for success is to do something that can’t be automated. Your personal touch and the knowledge you’ve gained through research will result in future conversations.

Episode Highlights

Inflection points from the show

[2:58] Forget tactics for a minute: When it comes to getting interest from buyers, many sellers go straight to tactics. But Nick says you win before you even make the first outreach — and it all starts with research.

[8:59] Answer questions with content: Once you figure out the top questions your buyers have, post LinkedIn content that answers those questions. Content plays a crucial role in nurturing accounts and leads.

[18:08] Warm leads will engage: Pay attention to comments, likes, and profile views. These are great indicators of who you should start reaching out to.

[24:55] Remember the middleman: Many sellers either reach out to lower-level staff or go straight to the C-suite. But don’t underestimate those in the middle — mid-management, management, or director levels.

[27:18] Social = more than selling: You can learn a lot on LinkedIn about a company and its employees. Do so much research on the platform that a C-suite member says, How did they know that? That’ll get you a meeting.

[35:04] Content is your best friend: How do you nurture without sending a DM? The answer is content. You don’t have to post every day, but as long as you’re a regular player, you’re going to get some activity.

[39:13] Get on camera: Nick says that LinkedIn video is a superpower that sellers don’t use often enough. A personalized video message is something that can’t be automated.

[44:16] Where salespeople go wrong: Don’t mention meetings in your first conversation. The relationship you’re building is more important than getting a potential buyer to a meeting.

[47:20] Tactics change, research doesn’t: What captured attention 10 years ago may not work today. Pay attention to what people like, why they like it, why it worked, and why it got attention. Do the research — don’t get stuck on tactics.

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