Are traditional job-hunting strategies still effective in today's competitive global talent market? In this episode, career strategist and founder at Win Every Interview, Sarah Filipiak challenges traditional job-hunting strategies and emphasizes the need to redefine success in the current job market.

From understanding one's own value to aligning personal values with company values, Sarah provides practical advice for job seekers to stand out, create meaningful connections, and find career fulfillment.

  • Redefining your understanding of success based on personal values and fulfillment, rather than external factors like titles and prestige.
  • The importance of building long-term relationships with employers who advocate for growth and support personal development.  
  • How to transform  interviews into conversations, by providing real-world examples and context to showcase abilities, rather than relying solely on metrics and data.
  • Demonstrating enthusiasm, understanding, and a strategic approach can leave a lasting impression on interviewers.
  • Instead of trying to fit into every job description, job seekers are advised to focus on their unique qualifications and value.
  • Highlighting thought leadership, digital sophistication, and alignment with a company's mission and values can set candidates apart in a competitive global talent pool.

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