The Seller's Guide to LinkedIn

Skip over experiments. Stop guessing which influencer has the right advice. Get the plays, sequences, and tactics that get results on LinkedIn.


Built from 12 months of 200+ experiments

This is THE guide to social prospecting. If you read and consistently follow Morgan & Nick's playbook, there's no chance you miss quota. (Even in a "recession.")
Nate Nasralla
Founder @
Most advice for sellers seeking to maximize LinkedIn is centered on writing posts, gaining followers, or pitching in the DMs. This guide shows us why that's not only the wrong approach, but exactly how it's missing the point. If you are serious about increasing your sales, your credibility, and your prospecting power, this guide is for you. It's a no-fluff guide with specific plays, templates, and a perfect balance of strategy and tactics. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to any Sales leader looking to give their team a competitive prospecting advantage.
Jen Allen
Chief Evangelist @ ChallengerTM
Legitimately one of the best things anyone has ever put together. Buy it, gift it. You NEED this.
Amelia Taylor
Lead Evanglist @
This is by far the best LinkedIn course you can buy.

All of the advice from Nicholas & Morgan was straightforward and actionable. If you're trying to create an audience on LinkedIn, this is a vital tool. You owe it to yourself to give this course a try.
Sam Myles
Senior Business Development Manager
Commenting strategy works amazingly well. High acceptance rate, high engagement rate. Lots of conversations and bigger reach. In two weeks after I started following this guide I landed a hot inbound lead which is now in the pipeline.
Slava Pisanka
ERP Consultant
Morgan and Nick have taken Linkedin social selling to the next level. A lot of people claim knowing what it is, but they are living it and directly applying to their own sales processes. They managed to tie social selling with complete sales practices to help sellers break through without actually becoming "thought leaders." Treat it like a real book - you will be taking notes and applying those in your new sales practices that actually work!
Laura Erdem
Account Executive @ Dreamdata
One account asked how I'm multi-threading and engaging everyone before I've even booked a demo. And then the week after, 2 ICP demos booked in 2 days with sick contacts at great fit accounts. This is gonna accelerate deals and boost win rates. Thank you guys for everything.
Jacob Tuwiner
Director of Sales Development
This is FIRE.
Will Allred
Founder, COO @ Lavender
This guide is BANANAS 🍌 It's got everything you need to succeed on social. Even as a regular content creator, I found myself taking notes. I wish my sales teams had this and I can only recommend you buy this today.
Leslie Venetz
Founder @ Sales Team Builder
It felt like I had a personal coach with me as I went through this course. The strategy is perfectly aligned with what I am trying to accomplish (there are even options for different goals!) Nick and Morgan have created a masterful program that is easy to follow and implement. Within a week of using the playbook, I have increased my network by 20% and have several new opportunities. I am thrilled with the results!
Cynthia Zenti
VP Sales & Strategy

What's Inside

Built from Experiments, not Lucky Success

We’re not going to lie: some people get lucky. But luck can’t be scaled or replicated. 

We learned the hard way. We took everyone’s advice (yes, including the influencer you know) and put it to the test. Months and months of testing. We developed some crucial plays and insights that we found worked.

We then put our new recommendations to the test. We worked with individual sellers and sales teams to prove our plays –– and threw out the ones that didn’t work in the real world. What was left was poured into this guide: juicy, effective, battle-tested plays.

Personal Brand Not Required

This guide is built for the seller who’s using LinkedIn for outbound prospecting. 

The simple rule: you don’t need a personal brand to succeed. 

We cover all the ways you should run outbound to book meetings and how content fits into nurturing your leads. And yes, we offer some optional “personal branding” content… but you don’t need a personal brand to succeed. 

You need repeatable plays that can get you in front of prospects and book meetings that close deals. That’s what this guide was built to do.

Written for Better Thinking and Doing

We wrote this in great tactical detail. Explanations for every step. No hidden or removed details or upsells to some other coaching product. 

But we didn’t sacrifice the strategic side. You’ll learn why it works and how to use those same principles when tackling other challenges in sales. It’ll teach you to think and do better. 

This is your guidebook. Carry it with you to any sales job and you’ll succeed!

Lifetime Access for All Future Updates

This isn’t a one-and-done playbook. As we learn more, we update it. Buying access today means you get lifetime access for all future updates.

The Seller's Guide to LinkedIn

Stop guessing what works. Get the plays, sequences, and tactics that get results on LinkedIn.


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We're not gurus.
We just found 10,000 ways it didn't work.

When we got started on LinkedIn, we followed everyone’s advice. And a good chunk of people’s advice just didn’t work. 

We realized that a lot of people got lucky. They were early to the platform, they had already achieved success, or were “right time, right place.” 

So we started testing people’s advice to see what scaled. What actually worked? And what totally fell flat?

  • We sent connection requests: blank, personalized, hyper-personalized, 2nd and 3rd degrees, with/without InMails
  • We wrote daily content. We used better headlines (“hooks”). We changed up images and videos and polls. We added hashtags. We removed hashtags. 
  • We ran comment strategies. We commented on people’s posts. On influencer’s posts. We changed up cadences & sequences. We changed the way we wrote comments.
  • We had DMs with prospects. We tried to sell in the DMs. We used popular frameworks to guide people to a meeting. We tried pitching after the connection request. We tried passive strategies. 

And that’s just the surface.  

Once the dust settled, we started working with sales reps. We did 1-on-1 coaching. We worked directly with sales teams and sales managers. We built strategies. We created outreach plans.

At the end of it all, the Seller’s Guide to LinkedIn was created. Refined and battle-tested. Deeply tactical and based on data, not when we got lucky. 200+ experiments all neatly summed up in one guide, just for you.

Snag your copy today and get ready to supercharge your prospecting game on social.

Morgan Smith

Managing Partner @ Alignd
Host of B2B Power Hour

Nicholas Thickett

Managing Partner @ Alignd
Host of B2B Power Hour


Who is this really for?

We designed this guide for the SDR or AE who has a couple of years in sales under their belt. It assumes a fundamental knowledge of sales & selling. 

How's this different from other LinkedIn courses?

Two things.

One, this is built from hundreds of experiments. Manual data entry, spreadsheets, testing tactics, and much more. We tested first on ourselves and then tested with real sellers and sales teams to prove this advice works at scale. It’s not based on our individual luck, but tried-and-tested with many teams.

Two, this is truly comprehensive. Most courses cover content with a dash of prospecting. Or prospecting with a dash of writing content. Or Sales Navigator alone. In this course, we cover it all (and then some). We cover the A-Z of LinkedIn: profiles, outbound, inbound, strategic accounts, sales navigator, daily workflows, and more. 

How much content is really in the course?

In Google doc format, the written version exceeds 200 pages. It’s basically a book. 

We’ve included video explanations to accompany many of the modules. Plus, we’ve added templates and examples in most modules to show you how it actually works. 

What's the lifetime access thing about?

This guide isn’t one-and-done. We continue to add new videos, modules, and content. Our customers can also submit requests for additions –– meaning we’ll tailor the content to your needs over time. 

Does this cover how to use automation?


Can I get a preview of the content?

Check out this video. It’s a good high-level summary about what is inside the guide.