Nick sits down with Stu Heinecke to talk about how to book a meeting with anyone… and how it’s ACTUALLY possible to have a response rate over 100%. Stu dives into the reality of personalization, depth of research, copy length and stories of award winning campaigns that set records from day 1. Icing on the cake, he talks about how businesses should grow like a weed and it will change the way you look at sales in the process (maybe you're a franchise?!) Are you ready for the best outreach campaign of your career?

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Stu earned a reply from Billy Gene is Marketing (1:06)
  • The origin of How to get meetings with anyone! (3:36)
  • How much personalization is enough? (10:45)
  • How can different copy lengths get more replies? (19:33)
  • How much research should we do per contact? (23:56)
  • How to grow your business like a weed (27:32)

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