Nick sits down with Kellen Casebeer, Chief of Staff of LEON Health Science to talk about burnout & how it’s robbing sellers of their productivity. We dive into the signs of burnout, how to recharge the batteries and ways to increase your productivity with alignment. An interesting piece is the science of well being & how that shows up in our work days. As a manager, do you know what to look for?

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How do you know you’re burning out? (1:37)
  • How burnout affects our performance (4:08)
  • Tips to recharge the batteries (7:12)
  • The dangers of chasing money (10:51)
  • What you should do to increase productivity (14:28)
  • What if your manager shuts down your new approach? (19:49)
  • How do you measure well being? (27:53)
  • What managers need to watch out for to increase retention (31:33)
  • Recommendations for Sales Managers (35:39)
  • Kellen’s Power Hour (44:06)
  • Kellen’s questions for Nick (45:01)

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