Great messaging is a key pillar of selling, marketing, and go-to-market. It shows up on your website, in your sales emails, in your content. But what makes great messaging, great? Morgan sits down with Peep Laja, Founder at Wynter, to discuss the fundamentals of great messaging strategy. They dive into customer research, the importance of story, common mistakes, and how sales can test & leverage messaging to better connect with target accounts. Get ready to refine your messaging approach!

Connect with Peep Laja

In this episode, we cover:

  • Messaging as fundamental business strategy (1:10)
  • Story as a linchpin of messaging (4:45)
  • The 5 key components of messaging (7:25)
  • Leveraging customer insights (16:00)
  • Translating insight to strategy (19:30)
  • How often should you update messaging? (23:40)
  • Refining messaging in the sales process (30:45)
  • Should message testing be championed by sales? (34:00)
  • Strengths and flaws of category design (38:00)
  • Common mistakes in messaging development (43:50)
  • Peep’s Power Hour (48:45)

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