Nick sits down with Cindy Skalicky, Founder of On Point Communications to peel apart the perfect pitch to get AE’s crushing meetings. The crazy part… it starts even before you open your mouth. You have the moment of intrigue. As Eminem says, will you capture it or let it slip? If you’re ready to up your meeting game, this is for you!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The Rhetorical Triangle (0:26)
  • Why are AE presentations missing the mark? (3:38)
  • How do you know you’re talking too much in meetings? (10:40)
  • That curious moment just before you dive into a call / presentation (13:44)
  • How do you read a zoom room? (18:48)
  • How do you own the narrative when you're not the one delivering it? (24:37)
  • What is the perfect pitch deck? (29:23)
  • How do you become a better public speaker? (37:13)
  • Cindy’s Power Hour (39:20)
  • Cindy’s question for Nick (42:30)

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