RevOps is the new shiny term. But what is it actually? Morgan sits down with Asia Corbett, Senior Revenue Operations Manager at Bread Financial, to discuss what RevOps is and should be. Asia breaks down her experience in a variety of RevOps roles and explains how RevOps should work within a team. They discuss cross-functional collaboration, the need for more than just a CRO, how to actually break down siloed teams, and the future of RevOps in startups. If you’ve been wanting answers for how RevOps fits into the broader picture, this is the episode for you!

Connect with Asia Corbett

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is RevOps, actually? (1:05)
  • Is RevOps just more cooks in the kitchen? (3:20)
  • Reporting structures for RevOps (7:50)
  • Creating hiring profiles for RevOps (12:45)
  • Collaboration across Ops teams (17:05)
  • Creating a more strategic RevOps team (22:45)
  • Is RevOps appropriate for early-stage companies? (25:15)
  • The importance of an operations generalist (29:45)
  • Can RevOps break down silos? (33:00)
  • Should RevOps handle contact intelligence? (35:30)
  • Should RevOps handle sales processes? (39:30)
  • Asia’s Power Hour (41:30)

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