Michelle Griffin is a personal brand coach and a highly visible educator on LinkedIn for personal brand development. Morgan sits down with Michelle to break apart her 7 step framework to building personal brands, how to keep it personal *and* professional, and building partnerships + community through personal branding. Whether you’re a sales professional at a company or looking to spin up a side hustle, this episode breaks down all the personal branding insights you need to succeed.

Connect with Michelle Griffin

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why you need to develop a personal brand (1:30)
  • How to develop expertise and authenticity (3:00)
  • Michelle’s 7 step framework (7:30)
  • Common mistakes people make in personal branding (19:00)
  • Balancing promotion with branding (22:25)
  • Personal branding for employees (25:45)
  • Creating your unique voice (30:00)
  • How to build partnerships (35:30)
  • Creating community through branding (39:25)
  • Michelle’s Power Hour (43:10)

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