Daniel Kading sits down with Morgan to discuss how to create community on LinkedIn (and TikTok) through better content and comments. They unpack Daniel’s strategy to generate new content strategies, engage with peers, and build deeper relationships with people. There’s genuine laughter and inspirational stories as Daniel references his many experiences and passions to building community. If you're trying to build better relationships on LinkedIn with peers and prospects, this is the episode for you.

Connect with Daniel Kading

In this episode, we cover:

  • Daniel’s content creation process (1:43)
  • Why bad ideas can be good (5:18)
  • Is batching worthwhile? (8:09)
  • Repurposing content (13:23)
  • Lessons from Kindergarten (19:53)
  • Why cold pitching fails (22:27)
  • Types of LinkedIn posts that perform well (25:26)
  • How to build your community (30:16)
  • Daniel’s Power Hour (41:21)

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