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Are you hitting all of your sales goals?

Wondering how to improve your close rates and get that big promotion? Or are you ready to increase client satisfaction and success so you have enough data to ask for a pay bump?

On this episode of B2B Power Hour, we talk to Meghann Misiak. She's the founder of Path to President's Club, where she works as a sales training consultant helping B2B sales teams achieve their biggest dreams.

Tune in for a deep dive on how to master your sales goals, starting with the often-overlooked discovery phase.

Discovery is one of the most challenging parts of the sales process. These days, many people rush the sales pipeline, trying to sell faster than ever before. If you think this might help you close more deals, Meghann is here with a reality check: it won't. You're basically just racing to a lost sale.

Don't think of your sales process as a sprint — it's a marathon.

Most importantly, don't rush the discovery process.

One of Meghann's favorite discovery hacks is to focus on the "why now" question. Get to know who will be involved with the sale and demo, what their timeline looks like, what their deliverables are, and how fast they want the process to go.

Don't think of your sales process as just a pitch. Buyers don't want to be pitched to anymore. Instead, be their partner.

Ask open-ended questions to solicit in-depth answers you can use to better understand their side of things. Also, include pieces of discovery throughout your entire sales process, not just at the beginning!  

Want to know the details of a meaningful discovery meeting and how to win a deal starting with the first call?

Listen in to learn the #1 sales blindspot, the formula for better discovery, how to have fewer meetings, and exactly how to structure client calls and meetings from discovery to close.  

What she does: As the founder of Path to President's Club, Meghann makes it easier for sellers to achieve their dreams and find meaning in sales.

Key quote: "Unless you're in a transactional environment where you just have endless opportunities and endless leads, strategic selling is not a sprint: It's a marathon. Anyone who has run or watched a marathon knows it's a pace — and pace is everything."

Where to find her: Website | LinkedIn

B2B Power Plays

Top takeaways from this week’s conversation

💡You probably have a discovery challenge

No one wants to think they have a discovery challenge. But here's the truth: most of the typical challenges — even in the late stages of the closing phase — are rooted in discovery.

Discovery is one of the most difficult aspects of the sales process. And it can make or break your deal.  

🔎 Make sure you're actually doing discovery the right way

Discovery isn't just a fleeting step in the sales funnel to check off your list after the first meeting.

If you're just hosting a 15-minute discovery call before starting a product demo, you're not really doing discovery.  

Unless you're asking in-depth questions about the prospect’s goals, their pain, and their challenges, you aren't doing discovery. Work discovery into your entire sales process and never stop asking questions.

✏️ The TED discovery framework

Not sure what to talk about once you've locked in a 45-minute discovery call? You just need to remember three letters: TED.

Ask questions that start with:

  • T: “Talk to me…”
  • E: “Explain to me…”
  • D: “Describe to me…”

Dive deeper into whatever your prospect is talking about. For example, you might say, “Talk to me about how you're measuring that." Or you might ask, "Could you describe your process for that?"

Episode Highlights

Inflection points from the show

[2:44] The #1 sales blindspot: Discovery is the biggest blindspot in the sales process. Meghann explains why it's such a major challenge and how to overcome it.

[4:16] Diagnosing your discovery problem: How do you really know you have a discovery problem? Meghann explains her controversial opinion on how to diagnose your discovery ailment.  

[8:14] 3 qualifying questions: Focus less on selling your product's features and benefits and more on obtaining in-depth answers to these three key questions throughout the sales process.

[15:30] Roles & goals: Nick breaks down a simple strategy to structure your sales calls: start by asking about their role and key goals for the next year.

[18:04] Leave them wanting more: Meghann encourages people to make this major mindset shift: You don't have to fit everything into one call! Learn how to use their questions to build a business case for the next meeting.

[23:04] How to have fewer meetings: Meghann explains how to maximize meetings and how to schedule time with inbound vs. outbound leads.

[27:27] The upfront contract: Hear exactly how Meghann opens her discovery calls. (She's been using the same basic sales method for nearly eight years!)

[38:40] Meghann's power hour: Meghann outlines how she would spend her power hour, which starts by listing out her top three priorities. Then, she'd tackle these tasks whenever her energy is at its peak.