Andrea Zoellner, VP of Marketing at Kinsta, sits down with Morgan to discuss their unique approach to building a powerful marketing engine. Kinsta invested early in content marketing –– so they dive into the ways they continue to build, research, and invest in their immense content library. Morgan also explores the ways Kinsta measures marketing performance, including a unique perspective on mapping content to CRM performance, and integrating with the enterprise/mid-market sales teams. Get ready to dive into an incredibly fast-growing company’s marketing strategy!

Connect with Andrea Zoellner

In this episode, we cover:

  • Kinsta’s content engine (1:30)
  • Marketing’s goals at Kinsta (5:40)
  • Financial metrics that drive marketing (10:10)
  • Sales teams at a product-led company (13:30)
  • Optimizing for larger accounts (17:36)
  • Building a distributed team and culture (21:15)
  • Strategic levers for growing (26:10)
  • Building customer insights (28:47)
  • Revenue intelligence at Kinsta (31:35)
  • Mapping content to revenue (34:24)
  • Andrea’s Power Hour (38:15)

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