The last thing leadership thinks about is content in the sales process... yet, it’s the only thing that gets invited into the board room before sales talks to them — and often enough, after as well.

So why don’t companies create content?

And how much are they willing to lose before they answer that?

Content is one of the easiest ways to get customers to think about change — before they’re even looking for it.

It’s time to demand content as part of your sales strategy.

Join us for this B2B Power Hour workshop on:

✅ Our process for creating content that sells – in 30 minutes / day

✅ Using different post types on LinkedIn (image, text, video)

✅ Repurposing company content for posts

✅ Leveraging the algorithm for exposure

✅ Building a long-term content strategy that WILL overtake outbound

...and more!

Between creating better content that resonates with your audience and leveraging content to book meetings & build pipeline, mastering content is a simple skill that will transform your LinkedIn presence. Join us to find out how.

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