Morgan sits down with Dan Mott, Founder at SIX3MEDIA and host of the Power Hour (no, not this one!). They dive into how to properly use LinkedIn in 2022. From writing a better tagline, creating and refining an about section, and having intentional – but casual! – conversations with your target audience, Dan charts a path to better social selling strategies. Also, he shares his secrets of success for tracking, focusing on leads, and building content. Get ready to refine your LinkedIn presence!

Connect with Dan Mott

In this episode, we cover:

  • The 2022 Vibe of LinkedIn (2:40)
  • Building a Better LinkedIn Profile (6:40)
  • 3 Key Elements of Your Profile (8:30)
  • Writing Your About Section (14:45)
  • Lead Management on LinkedIn (22:30)
  • Art of Casual Conversation on LinkedIn (31:00)
  • Outbound Connections (37:36)
  • Dan’s Incredible LinkedIn Tracker (41:12)
  • Dan’s Power Hour (51:24)

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