Nick sits down with Jason Bay (JBay), Chief Prospecting Officer, at Blissful Prospecting and host of the Blissful Prospecting Podcast. JBay starts by telling us how to focus on the right accounts to maximize our time and transitions into how we can compound on success. His section on the hierarchy of relevance is a MUST LISTEN. At the tail end, JBay touches on his advice to sales managers to up their game. Let’s dive in!

Connect with Jason Bay

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to focus on the RIGHT accounts (1:35)
  • How to compound outbound success (7:35)
  • The Hierarchy of Relevance (13:03)
  • Determining how much time to spend personalizing (18:04)
  • Create more inbound in sales (23:28)
  • Getting more collaboration to kill siloes (27:56)
  • Connect, quantify & control (33:15)
  • Advice for sales managers (39:45)

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