Morgan sits down with Jessie Lizak, Head of Marketing at BDEX. They kick-off the conversation with a dive into first-party data strategies and driving consensus around data in an organization. Then they have a wide-ranging conversation on marketing’s role in revenue creation, whether RevOps matters, content performance metrics, freeing your team from controlling messaging, and serving complex buying journeys. Get ready for a fun, wide-ranging conversation!

Connect with Jessie Lizak

In this episode, we cover:

  • First-party data strategies (2:00)
  • Machine learning (9:00)
  • Key marketing metrics (10:50)
  • Why sales backgrounds matter (12:50)
  • Does RevOps matter? (14:30)
  • Content performance metrics (19:30)
  • Whether teams need controlled brand messaging (24:30)
  • New-school mentality for CMOs and sales teams (27:10)
  • Serving different stages of the buying journey (30:00)
  • Helping sales teams (33:10)
  • Staying consistent with prospects (36:05)
  • Jessie’s Power Hour (38:20)

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