Morgan sits down with Breezy Beaumont, Head of Growth & Marketing at Correlated, to discuss product qualified leads (PQLs) and how they transform a product-led growth strategy. They dive into building revenue intelligence, PQL vs. MQL vs. SQL, how sales changes in a product-led company, and building the revenue teams of the future. Get ready for a serious knowledge drop from one of the leaders in product-led revenue.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Product-led growth vs. ABM & Outbound (1:20)
  • Sales teams in product-led companies (3:10)
  • Adding value in the buyer’s lifecycle (6:42)
  • Product qualified leads – PQL (8:31)
  • Why PQLs exist post-purchase (13:29)
  • Common mistakes & successes (15:48)
  • Mistakes in shifting a company to product-led growth (19:32)
  • Creating centralized revenue intelligence (23:36)
  • Judgment calls when creating PQLs (28:15)
  • Breaking down silos (31:28)
  • The end of the CMO? (34:47)
  • Layering on traditional outbound in product-led firms (37:02)
  • Product-led movements for enterprise buyers (43:08)

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