Nick sits down with Tom Slocum, Program Director at RevGenius to uncover why he prefers cold calling in a time where so many are moving to emails & social selling. Tom reveals his 3 R’s of prospecting and his top tips to get better on the phone. He talks about sales as a franchise within a franchise & why we need to pick wisely. You won’t want to miss his segment on SDR’s competitive advantage!

Connect with Tom Slocum

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why do people struggle to pick up the phone? (0:52)
  • Why you need to prioritize your accounts (4:35)
  • The reason Tom leads with cold calling (7:05)
  • A taste of video prospecting (14:42)
  • Sales is a franchise within a franchise (20:29)
  • Tom’s 3 R’s of prospecting (28:42)
  • How to get better on the phone (34:15)
  • SDR’s competitive advantage (41:18)
  • Tom’s Power Hour (44:36)

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