Morgan sits down with Declan Mulkeen, CMO at StrategicABM and host of the Let’s Talk ABM podcast to break down the nuts and bolts of creating an effective account-based marketing campaign. Declan deconstructs how to segment the market, the purposes of ABM, creating an account strategy, routing into accounts, and so much more. Listen in to learn all the upfront work required to make ABM, well, work!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Prerequisites of running ABM (1:10)
  • Managing risk in an organization (4:20)
  • ABM is complementary, not a replacement strategy (6:33)
  • The 4 Purposes of ABM (9:11)
  • How big your marketing department needs to be (14:00)
  • Questions to answer before starting ABM (19:58)
  • Major mistakes companies make with ABM (25:31)
  • Tiering out accounts (29:26)
  • Aligning sales & marketing metrics (36:01)
  • Creating communication for sales & marketing (39:50)
  • Routing into accounts (43:00)
  • Declan’s Power Hour (46:59)

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