Nick sits down with Eddy Bahnam the Hyperactive Salesmen. In this episode we explore the FOMO in B2B SaaS that drives unprofitable business, moral dilemma of “are we more than the company we sell for”, getting sold a McDonald’s deal and what it means to humanize the sale.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Are we more than the company we work for? (0:40)
  • The 2 types of salespeople (6:07)
  • Specialization of trade in sales (10:55)
  • Will salespeople get replaced by bots? (13:09)
  • Profitable growth in B2B SaaS (19:31)
  • FOMO in GTM strategy (23:35)
  • Humanizing the sale (25:32)
  • Getting sold McDonald’s (34:41)
  • Eddy’s Q: WIll we see more full cycle AE’s? (37:52)

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