Morgan sits down with Kristina Jaramillo of Personal ABM to dive into the ABM landscape and where teams do it right and do it not-so-right. They touch on where ABM fits into the go-to-market landscape, how companies mess it up, and what to start doing when rolling out ABM.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The top mistakes companies make when considering ABM (0:50)
  • ABM is not a tech stack (3:29)
  • Why scaling quickly is an obstacle (7:30)
  • Benchmarks of ABM performance (9:45)
  • Different deal sizes and its impact (12:30)
  • Building persona knowledge (14:20)
  • Why ABM only works with marketing & sales on the same team (17:06)
  • How value drives ABM performance (20:00)
  • How templates let you down (22:04)
  • Cutting through the noise (24:45)
  • Marketing-sourced revenue (28:30)
  • Metrics of performance (31:00)
  • Things to stop asking an ABM firm (33:15)
  • Things to start asking an ABM firm (34:13)
  • Morgan’s favorite marketing projects (35:51)

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