Nick sits down with Nick Bennett of Alyce to discuss the mysterious world of personal branding for sales and explore who ABM is a good fit for. To save everyone from wasting time and money on the latest buzzword in the marketing world. Nick talks about the real reason he started his podcast ‘Rep Your Brand’, his formula for posting and his North Star for social media.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Nick’s formula for posting content (3:34)
  • The REAL reason to start a podcast (5:25)
  • B2B branding for Sales (7:41)
  • Work vs personal content (12:33)
  • Nick’s LinkedIn North Star (15:25)
  • Who should invest in ABM (18:31)
  • Nick’s tech stack (21:41)
  • Building a strong account list (23:54)
  • Where are you doubling down in 2022? (28:40)

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