Nick sits down with Arthur Castillo of Chili Piper to dive into the world of marketing, from a sales lens. Arthur recently made the move to field marketing after being an AE. They talk about the changes they’re seeing in the way marketer’s move through the funnel, B2B’s dirty little secret and how context is the key to sales success!

Connect with Arthur Castillo

In this episode, we cover:

  • Arthur’s move from sales to marketing (1:14)
  • Why you need to be first to insight (3:22)
  • The change from the funnel to the flywheel (5:19)
  • Top of feed, top of mind (9:21)
  • Joining the conversation in somebody’s head (13:55)
  • Earning the right to be in their feed (17:52)
  • B2B’s dirty little secret (21:30)
  • The person that wins your business is the one who responds first (26:56)
  • Context is really what the sales rep is in charge of (31:19)
  • The obsession with ICP (34:42)
  • What is changing with how people buy? (38:07)

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