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It might sound strange, but did you know sales reps aren't actually the ones who close deals? Buyers. Close. Deals. Not sales reps.

On this episode of B2B Power Hour, we talk to Nate Nasralla, the founder of Fluint. He shares how to close more deals even when you aren't in the room, ways to identify and equip your champion, and the best way to communicate with your prospect's organizations.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How all companies (or at least sales managers) focus on a two-step plan for a stronger selling process and higher close rates. The most commonly overlooked aspects of buyer messaging and how to overcome them.
  • Learning how to make your sales materials blend in as internal documents can be a huge win.  
  • How using language that shows you're empathetic and perceptive towards someone’s pain points, they're going to gravitate towards you.  

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