Sales is not a "one-size-fits-all" profession. The problems sales professionals face are wide ranging and cover all sorts of topics: prospecting, discovery, prospect relationships, and more.

We launched Sales Support to help you get answers to your sales challenges. Call +1 (303) 578-8581 to get your question answered... and maybe even featured in a future Sales Support episode!

In this second edition episode of Sales Support, join our sales experts as they break down answers to real questions such as prospecting strategies, discovering entry-ways into your target companies, and more.

Listen in as we answer questions and discuss:

  • What types of research will give you an edge when deploying account prospecting strategies?
  • How do you reach decision makers when the majority of your target clients are off-shore, but your contacts aren't capable of getting you to where you need to go?
  • When your target client accepts your connection request, what comes next? A personalized message? A pitch to your newsletter? A recommendation to you favorite ice cream shop?
  • How can sellers find prospects where they already are, and how can you be prepared when you find them?

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