Sales is not a "one-size-fits-all" profession. The problems sales professionals face are wide ranging and cover all sorts of topics: prospecting, discovery, prospect relationships, and more.

We launched Sales Support to help you get answers to your sales challenges.

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In this kickoff episode of Sales Support, join our sales experts as they break down answers to real questions such as LinkedIn prospecting plans, outbound sales strategies, and when to know if rescheduling that demo is appropriate or not, and more.

Listen in as we answer questions and discuss:

  • What are the next steps after a prospect accepts a LinkedIn request? Send a thank you message? Interact with their content? Ignore it altogether? What should your tone ideally be?
  • How to approach rescheduling a meeting or demo with a client, when it's appropriate, and potential condensed plans if a reschedule or shortened time is needed.
  • Why cold calling might work (and might not) to different personas in technology companies
  • How to navigate a scenario where your employer doesn't support you properly with the technology and tools needed to succeed.

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