You've started building trust with a prospect, they're loaded and ready to go in Hubspot, but months later despite calls, emails, and LinkedIn post tags, you never hear from them again. Are your buyers ghosts or just ghosting you?

In this episode of the B2B Power Hour, Morgan and Nick shine a light on why your buyers are ignoring you, and how you can avoid buyer rigor mortis from the beginning to the end of your deal.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Three major reasons why your buyers aren't buying from you
  • Why generally accepted sales strategies such as "buzzword soup" and upselling a customers painful problem from a product to a package won't develop the clarity and trust that your buyer is craving when approaching you about your product.
  • How to clearly position yourself to compete with similar products and companies
  • How empathy over persistence will help build the trust you need with your buyer to keep them engaged in the deal. Your buyer is risking something by getting involved with this product whether its their reputation at their company or the money they're investing to solve their issue, they need to know that you as a seller are truly helping rather than trying to skim a buck.

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