If the relationship with your potential buyer isn't built on trust from the beginning, you can't gauge your deal, and prospects can't feel secure in their decision.

Fortunately, in 2023 one of the biggest tools in building trust straight from your first outreach, is video prospecting.

In this episode of the B2B Power Hour, Nick dives into what makes or breaks exceptional video prospecting with sales and video prospecting expert, Chris Bogue.

Listen in as we discuss:

How video helps sellers become a trusted face on their screen to converse with, be educated by, and ultimately buy from.

How understanding psychology in sales will help sellers create videos that will teach about their product rather than sell, leaving the door open for buyers to continue the conversation.

Why sellers who approach video prospecting with foresight, rather than just throwing something together and hoping it sticks, have greater success and build quicker and stronger relationships with their prospects through maximizing their prospects time.

How putting in the time to create engaging, entertaining, and educational videos will differentiate your outreach from just a cold email, and helps avoid the potential buyer to feel talked at rather than intrigued.

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