One of the most effective prospecting tools for salespeople in 2023 is a having a presence on social media. Posting, commenting, getting involved builds a relationship with your prospects that drives them to your page.

But once your prospects visit your profile, you need more than just a good message. The secret to building a pipeline and strengthening a salespersons social media presence is through video content, and doing it well.

In this episode of the B2B Power Hour, Morgan dives into all things video prospecting with media and sales extraordinaire, co-founder at SpliceVideo and Social Social, Nick Capozzi.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How to diversify your content by keeping it brief and laser focused on your target audience, thus avoiding the "pile-on" of information that often happens in cold outreach
  • Why committing small amounts of time a day on planning and executing your content rather than wasting massive amounts of time planning every detail will keep yourself engaged in content, and help you create better, driving, video content for your socials
  • What aspects of recording video really matter to your audience, such as your attitude and lighting, and ignoring the technical aspects your community isn't worried about
  • How great content will trump any missteps made in your production, as it builds value and connection with your perspective clients. Just click record and adjust from there!

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