With more and more sellers who lean on traditional sales methods being ghosted, stonewalled, and falling short of their quotas, the true seller success stories are coming from those who know how to generate their pipeline through LinkedIn.

In this power play episode of the B2B Power Hour, Morgan and Nick dive into the archive to develop your master framework when generating demand on LinkedIn including targeting, and the do's and don'ts of the comment section.Listen in as we discuss:

  • How to develop your social selling strategy on LinkedIn by "social listening;" reading comments, following success stories, and seeing what works for engagement.
  • What questions you need to ask about your potential pipeline such as; "Who are targeting on LinkedIn, and are they actually active with the chance to see your content?"
  • How to recognize what kinds of trends are developing with your target list through the comment section on LinkedIn, and how to engage to build rapport rather than scare away potential clients
  • Why you need to invest time and effort when generating demand on LinkedIn, rather than buying the new and trendy product to mask where your skills are lacking

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