Title: How to Build Pipeline on LinkedIn w/out a Personal Brand

Most sellers default to the connect-and-pitch (or... let's be honest, the spray and pray), leaving sales managers saying "it doesn't work!" 😬

Then when all their options run out, the marketers tell them "build a personal brand!" Well guess what?! That doesn't help you hit quota anytime soon either.

💡 So what should you do to actually generate results? We're revealing our proprietary framework that any seller can use to build pipeline. No follower count or personal brand required.

Join us for this B2B Power Hour workshop on:

✅  Social selling is more than just content

✅  Running outbound on LinkedIn (w/out InMails)

✅  Why warming up accounts is the most important activity

✅  How to score accounts for social

Join us to learn how to build pipeline without content or a personal brand.

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