Buyers are getting sick of the endless cold calls & email sequences. Is social the answer?

Most sales managers say no because their sales reps get trapped endlessly scrolling and waste time.

We're going to help you go from random acts of social & endless scrolling into a straightforward and powerful social-first prospecting that sets you up to book 80%+ of your meetings on social.

Join us for this B2B Power Hour workshop on:

✅  How to Structure Your Day for Social Prospecting ⏱

✅  The 3 Social Power Plays that Convert 🚀

✅  Simple Comment Strategies that Replace Cold Calls 🤓

✅  Using Outbound to Get Inbound on LinkedIn 🤩

...and how to integrate it with your calling and emailing 😁

Join us to learn how to use social to replace your classic outbound strategies.

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