How do you get sales and marketing teams aligned on the same goals? Steffen Hedebrandt, Co-founder and CMO at Dreamdata, joins the show to discuss what it takes to get alignment beyond just messaging. He dives into using sales calls to develop a shared ICP, how a content marketing library can actually be used on sales calls, and creating metrics that drive real success. Get ready to dive into a sweeping, detailed conversation!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Are MQLs actually useful?
  • How to measure shared marketing + sales success
  • Developing a shared ICP using sales conversations
  • Preventing sales calendars from being overbooked
  • Helping sellers write great content for LinkedIn
  • Using content marketing to enable the sales team
  • Metrics to watch for misalignment
  • Key leadership lessons to align the teams
  • Steffen’s Power Hour

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