It's a common refrain -- social takes too long! But what if it didn't have to?

Chili Piper invested in the long-game. But between their TikTok and employee advocacy program on LinkedIn, they started seeing wins. Fast.

The team-wide commitment has catapulted Chili Piper's visibility. And it's also entirely transformed their inbound sales engine.

Join us for The Enterprise of Social on:

✅ Pitching leadership to invest in team-wide social

✅ Chili Piper's TikTok talent attraction program

✅ Employee advocacy and social selling

✅ Compounding social campaigns w/ raving fans

✅ Why personal brands are the game-changer for companies

Join us to get a peek behind the scenes of Chili Piper's social campaign strategy, from TikTok to LinkedIn and beyond!

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