Nick sits down with Mor Assouline of From Demo To Close to understand how to crush demo’s & close more than 50% of them. They talk about the truth behind the 15 minute demo, how to address “Can I just see the demo”, rocking the pre disco + post demo email and how to gut check that discovery is actually the issue (w/ your demo).

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How does outbound vs inbound change the demo? (1:05)
  • Can I just see the demo? (2:45)
  • The 15 minute demo (6:33)
  • The pre disco & post demo email (8:39)
  • How to naturally transition into discovery (13:47)
  • How to work with champions to sell internally (16:09)
  • This is the moment you know the deal is done (21:47)
  • How did Mor’s POV on sales change being a VP (23:55)
  • How can you gut check that discovery is actually the issue? (33:19)
  • Mor’s Power Hour (38:37)

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