Linda Melone, a conversion copywriter, joins the show to break down what makes great content – and great copy – sing. She illustrates the difference between copy and content, breaks down her favorite frameworks for creating social content, and the psychological drivers of great copy. Oh, and there’s also a PRO tip about creating buttons that convert!

Connect with Linda Melone

In this episode, we cover:

  • What’s copy vs. content? (1:29)
  • How to start creating content (5:39)
  • Frameworks for better content (8:42)
  • Calls to action on social content (17:04)
  • Common B2B mistakes in copy and content (20:57)
  • Secrets of high-converting copy (25:16)
  • Structuring pages against data (30:00)
  • Favorite shortcuts of high-converting copy (35:30)
  • Linda’s favorite tip for buttons (38:04)
  • Permanent vs. contract copywriters (41:31)
  • Key ingredients of great content (43:45)
  • Linda’s Power Hour (45:28)

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