Morgan sits down with Satyam Kantamneni, Managing Partner at UXReactor, to discuss user experience design (UXD) and how it transforms companies when done right. Satyam shares his expertise redesigning the customer journey – from first-touch to loyal customer – and why intentionally designing that experience changes product, sales processes, marketing, and so much more. Join in for Satyam’s analogies, stories, and insights on how user experience design can establish a company’s competitive advantage – and how companies can do it right.

Connect with Satyam Kantamneni

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is user experience design? (1:15)
  • Why user experience design is business strategy (5:20)
  • Why companies don’t talk to their users (6:35)
  • How companies can implement customer-centric design (10:15)
  • Discovering pain points (15:07)
  • How UXD can be a competitive advantage (21:30)
  • How successful companies orient their sales, marketing, and product teams (24:20)
  • The qualities of great experiences (29:15)
  • Why value is more than just company profit (34:45)
  • Defining the design ecosystem (39:25)
  • Satyam’s Power Hour (45:40)

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