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Achieve predictable pipeline with evolved social selling

Use LinkedIn effectively with new processes, skills, and mindsets. Companies work with us to redesign their virtual selling approach and transform the way their sales team uses LinkedIn.

What We Do

We help high-tech B2B firms (SaaS, cloud, data, AI/ML) achieve sales at scale with modern virtual selling programs. 

Companies are ready to work with us when their trade shows and cold email sequences aren’t driving pipeline. Either you’re below industry benchmarks or you’re ready to scale at a speed your current activities can’t support (just by the numbers). Most companies we work with have tried LinkedIn before with minimal success.

Work with us to transform the effectiveness of your sales development program with LinkedIn. We train your team on methods we’ve developed through experimentation & proof (see here). This can include: direct outreach to target accounts, connection strategies, creating content, developing pipeline via LinkedIn, tracking success, getting the most out of Sales Navigator, and other tools.



Our services include:

  • Virtual selling strategy sessions (half-day or full-day)
  • LinkedIn team training (half-day, full-day, or 90-day engagement) 
  • Sales management training for virtual selling (full-day or 90-day engagement)

We work best with companies who have at least 20 employees, have raised at least a Series A, and have somewhere between 5-25 dedicated sales professionals. These companies tend to have a sales-led go-to-market strategy, including traditional outbound, traditional inbound, and account-based sales development (including land & expand). Product-led companies are encouraged to chat with us to see if we’re the right fit.



You will see the most results when sales leadership is directly involved in the shaping and use of social selling. Companies that use our services but do not involve their sales managers or directors do not see the results they desire.




Companies that work with us tend to invest between $5,000 and $15,000 to upgrade their team’s virtual selling approach. Our minimum level of engagement is $2,500.