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Less "hang out", more "try it out."

The reason B2B sales professionals join our community isn’t just to connect with each other or share best practices. It’s to get access to live workrooms and training spaces where you can practice your skills before you have to do it for your boss.

What Others Are Saying

Kicking off the week with our workroom sessions has been so energizing. What I value the most is that it's a safe space where we can share perspectives and embrace the fact that we can't know everything about everything. But together, we can expand our knowledge, taking our learnings and getting 1% better each and every day.

Elizabeth Ionita, Account Executive

Workrooms is a place where sales professionals and business owners can get practical advise from Nick and Morgan. Their experience in marketing and sales gives tremendous value. Loved it! Enjoyed it! Looking forward to it!

Slava Pisanka, ERP Consultant

When I was 19, I met one of the most esteemed coaches in the modern game of soccer. He told me to forget everything I knew. I became 10x the player because I did my best to listen to that advice. In my current career path, Morgan and Nicholas have played that role for me. The law of association is one you must follow with intention if you wish to become successful in any endeavour. In sales, these are the folks you want to get around. Get in their back pocket. It's worth it. They're also pretty funny and have great radio voices.

Loren Urtula, SDR

B2B Power Hour is one of the best resources to have to better yourself and career. The Live, workshops, and podcasts are so informative and welcoming no matter your experience. Morgan and Nick are so helpful and willing to brainstorm and challenge you with your career and sales needs. Since being apart of this community, I've been challenged with my outreach and more willing to express my ideas to share more within my organization.

Andrea Bowers, Account Executive

I wanted to thank you for all the feedback that you gave me last week. I've been making some changes in the messaging for the studio and the whole approach strategy.

Vivian Pérez, Brand Strategist

Sales doesn't have to be a hustle. Yes, really.

We pick up the slack from poor management, a lack of consistent process, and a toxic sales culture. Most of us suffer in silence with the weight of expectations from our managers. It doesn’t help that (usually) our income is on the line too. When you’re a part of this community, throw off the burdens of the “hustle” and learn the skills that make you successful wherever you go.

What's Inside

Monday Night AMA

Join Nick & Morgan to work on specific skills and get your specific questions answered. From cold emailing workshops to LinkedIn tactics, the Monday Night Power Hours are a great place to get started.

Slack Community

Join the conversation. Ask questions, share stories, and help others in their own journey. Looking for a supportive space to level up your skills? Look no further.

Special Resources

We've accumulated a library of special resources from experts we trust. When you start asking around, you never know what hidden gem we may share with you!

Level up with us. Training wheels optional.

The best way to learn new skills is to try it out. Give it a go. Break a few eggs. From account strategy review to positioning breakdowns, we help you learn by doing. All with the feedback & community support along the way.