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Get direct access to Nick & Morgan to work on your prospecting, social selling, and LinkedIn presence.

Schedule 1-on-1 calls to strategize your social outreach, prospecting, content, and whatever else is on your mind, 

The Short Version 

Book unlimited 30-minute sessions with Nick & Morgan to work on your prospecting and social selling. Sessions are first-come, first-serve. No monthly limits.

Make LinkedIn Your Main Source of Meetings

Social selling is more than just content. It’s actually mostly not content. But with the right formula that we’ve been refining at the B2B Power Hour, you will be able to:

  • Build trust at scale with key accounts
  • Get the attention of key prospects with insight from social listening
  • Generate inbound meeting requests from comments (current record: 17 minutes)
  • Conduct well-timed outreach that always books meetings
  • Talk to your prospects with confidence and clear messaging

Work with us to refine your social selling approach and make LinkedIn your main source of meetings.

Meet Your Coaches

Morgan Smith

Host, Managing Partner @ Alignd

Nicholas Thickett

Host, Managing Partner @ Alignd

Got questions? Connect with Morgan or Nick and ask away.